Dear Parents,

Heartiest welcome to Blue Heaven’s School (Primary & Secondary). As per the pandemic lockdown conditions, all the schools are currently closed, but if you want to join the Blue Heaven’s family you are welcomed here. For the academic year 2020-21 we have planned online admission process, through the form given below. All the true details of the candidate should be provided in the same. Hurry now and secure your ward’s admission.*

For More Details Contact:    Mrs. Archana Pande : +91-9420696846                                 Mrs. Ranjana Yadav : +91-9420153549


  1. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary admission form, provisioned for the lockdown period only. Whenever the school reopens, the parents should physically come to the school along with the pupil, to confirm the admission. OTHERWISE the online admission will not be taken into consideration later.
  2. Please take care that you fill the exact information of the child in the form given below.