Smt. Sharayu Keshav Phanase (Chair-person)

"Fear is the greatest obstacle in your way to success. I look up on creation and honesty. As per experience and opinion fearless person who is willing to take risk and challenges so we must control eather allow fear to control us. Un nutshell go ahead and open mind along with determination always great Krishna with us whatever is best he will do for us."
||Om Namo bhagvate vasudevay.||

Mrs. Archana Pande (Principal)

I am truly honored to be a principal of Blue Heaven’s School- an institute of great repute and I am deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of my students. In today’s fast changing world it is essential to be updated with information in all related areas, keeping this in mind our school website has evolved. Interactivity is the key to our website, where the students, parents, staff and visitors can post their queries over internet to our website. As you explore our website, you will learn all about our school and our students. I have no doubt you will find our website user friendly as well as informative. Effort has been made to make all the pages of the website dynamic, which means updating the data is made easy and managed in files. I encourage all the students and staff to start using our website and provide more suggestions to improve upon what has been initiated. Let’s work together to make this year memorable for a better tomorrow.!!!